Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Ethel Dunlap

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
(unknown) Dunlap Blanche Dunlap

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
(unknown) Dunlap Father
Blanche Dunlap Mother
Eunice Baker Grandmother AFT 1921
William Dunlap Grandfather
Great grandparents
Elizabeth Jane Hofius Great grandmother
William Baker Great grandfather
Uncles & Aunts
Glenn Dunlap Uncle
Great uncles & Great aunts
John Baker Great uncle AFT 1921
Charles Alfred Baker Great uncle 25 NOV 1857 Sharon, PA, United States 26 NOV 1921
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
Angeline Paxton Great aunt-in-law 1858 1919
Second cousins
Arthur Paxton Baker Jr. Second cousin (m)
Eleanor Mcknight Second cousin (f)
Howard Loch Baker Second cousin (m)
Paul Baker Second cousin (m)
Robert E. Baker Second cousin (f)
Stanley Carlton Baker Second cousin (m)
William J. Baker Jr. Second cousin (m)
Hazel Second cousin (f) 1904 1920
Marguerite Baker Second cousin (f) 1907 1942
Elizabeth Baker Second cousin (f) 1908 1979
Frances Lucille Tanguy Second cousin (f) Greenville, PA, United States 17 OCT 1910 West Salem Township, PA 8 JAN 2001
Angeline Baker Second cousin (f) 1912 1914
Doris Clare Tanguy Second cousin (f) 17 SEP 1912 27 MAR 1995
Angeline Melda Tanguy Second cousin (f) Grove City, Mercer County, PA 14 OCT 1914 16 SEP 2001
Charles Baker Tanguy Second cousin (m) 14 OCT 1914 22 AUG 2003
Howard Raymond Tanguy Second cousin (m) 5 NOV 1917 10 MAY 1918
Mary Lillian Tanguy Second cousin (f) 25 OCT 1919 31 MAY 2002
Richard Brown Tanguy Second cousin (m) 15 APR 1922 Granbury, Texas 31 JUL 2008
Reverend Robert Wilson Tanguy Second cousin (m) Greenville, PA, United States 5 DEC 1926 Quarryville, PA, United States 29 Aug 2010
Mary Kathryn Baker
1st cousins once removed up
Arthur Paxton Baker 1st cousin once removed up (m)
Charles LeRoy Baker 1st cousin once removed up (m)
Earl Jay Baker 1st cousin once removed up (m)
Nell Baker 1st cousin once removed up (f)
William J. Baker 1st cousin once removed up (m) 1879 1949
Lillie Mae Baker 1st cousin once removed up (f) 31 JUL 1881 11 APR 1964
2nd cousins once removed
Arthur Paxton Baker III 2nd cousin once removed (m)
Carol Linn Baker 2nd cousin once removed (f)
Janis Erwin 2nd cousin once removed (f)
David Clair Christman
Charles William Williams Jr.
Ronald Paul Christman
Clair Williams
Joan Tanguy 2nd cousin once removed (f) 17 SEP 1937 11 Sep 2012
C. Raymond Tanguy
Philip Barr
Daniel Tanguy
Dona May Barr
Patricia Ann Williams
Anne Tanguy 2nd cousin once removed (f) 2 SEP 1945 2003
Susan Lenore Christman
Robert Barr 2nd cousin once removed (m) Greenville, PA, United States 14 MAY 1946 Greenville, PA, United States 9 Feb 2008
Terry Lee Tanguay 2nd cousin once removed (m) 28 JAN 1947 AUG 2005
Richard Thomas Tanguay
Cathy Mae Tanguay
Lynn Ann Tanguay
Debra Anne Tanguy
Nanci Christine Tanguy
Robert Douglas Tanguy
Wallace Scott Tanguy
2nd cousins twice removed
Brittany Beth Erickson 2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Christy Tanguay 2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Heather Kate Erickson 2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Joseph C. Clawson IV 2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Malcolm Tanguy 2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Shannon Tanguay 2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Linda Marie Christman
Keith David Christman
Richard Clair Williams
Sharon Ann Christman
Patricia Auflick
Brian Michael Christman
Charles William Williams III 2nd cousin twice removed (m) 27 JUN 1958 16 Dec 2009
John Auflick
Jeffrey Robert Williams 2nd cousin twice removed (m) 21 JUL 1960 6 AUG 1995
Nancy Lee Christman
Cassie Auflick
Tina Marie Barr
Mary K. Auflick
Denise D. Mowry
Cathy Lynn Williams
Lisa Ann Barr
Jonathan Tanguy
Shawn Alan Williams
Rebecca Tanguy
Donald L. Mowry
Rachel Tanguy
David Tanguy
Robert Earl Barr
Cynthia J. Mowry
Shannon King
Erica Lynn Barr
Tresse Clawson
Jodi King
Steven Simkins
Stacy Gordon
Tricia Lynn Sweesy
Jill Amy Polimeni
Derek Bruce Bell
Lisa Gordon
Christy Lee Sweesy
Evert Wayne Bell
Tracy Simkins
Lisa King
Matthew Joseph Polimeni
Stephanie Marie Caskey
Clair Daniel Tanguay
Kevin Richard Caskey
Nicole Leigh Tanguy
Stacey Eileen Tanguy
Joelle Erin Tanguy
Jarid Kyle Tanguy


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