Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

William Dunlap

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Eunice Baker Blanche Dunlap
Glenn Dunlap

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Other Event 1921 Jackson Center, PA Living
Marriage BEF 1921

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Eunice Baker Wife AFT 1921
Blanche Dunlap Daughter
Glenn Dunlap Son
Ethel Dunlap Granddaughter
Elizabeth Jane Hofius Mother-in-law
William Baker Father-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
John Baker Brother-in-law AFT 1921
Charles Alfred Baker Brother-in-law 25 NOV 1857 Sharon, PA, United States 26 NOV 1921
Nephews & Nieces
Arthur Paxton Baker Nephew-in-law
Charles LeRoy Baker Nephew-in-law
Earl Jay Baker Nephew-in-law
Nell Baker Niece-in-law
William J. Baker Nephew-in-law 1879 1949
Lillie Mae Baker Niece-in-law 31 JUL 1881 11 APR 1964
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Arthur Paxton Baker Jr. Grandnephew-in-law
Eleanor Mcknight Grandniece-in-law
Howard Loch Baker Grandnephew-in-law
Paul Baker Grandnephew-in-law
Robert E. Baker Grandniece-in-law
Stanley Carlton Baker Grandnephew-in-law
William J. Baker Jr. Grandnephew-in-law
Hazel Grandniece-in-law 1904 1920
Marguerite Baker Grandniece-in-law 1907 1942
Elizabeth Baker Grandniece-in-law 1908 1979
Frances Lucille Tanguy Grandniece-in-law Greenville, PA, United States 17 OCT 1910 West Salem Township, PA 8 JAN 2001
Angeline Baker Grandniece-in-law 1912 1914
Doris Clare Tanguy Grandniece-in-law 17 SEP 1912 27 MAR 1995
Angeline Melda Tanguy Grandniece-in-law Grove City, Mercer County, PA 14 OCT 1914 16 SEP 2001
Charles Baker Tanguy Grandnephew-in-law 14 OCT 1914 22 AUG 2003
Howard Raymond Tanguy Grandnephew-in-law 5 NOV 1917 10 MAY 1918
Mary Lillian Tanguy Grandniece-in-law 25 OCT 1919 31 MAY 2002
Richard Brown Tanguy Grandnephew-in-law 15 APR 1922 Granbury, Texas 31 JUL 2008
Reverend Robert Wilson Tanguy Grandnephew-in-law Greenville, PA, United States 5 DEC 1926 Quarryville, PA, United States 29 Aug 2010
Mary Kathryn Baker


Date Age Event Category