Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Elizabeth Hollinger

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
John Groff 11 MAY 1757 Joseph Grove

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 1783

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
John Groff Husband 11 MAY 1757 14 APR 1828
Joseph Grove Son 1799 1869
Barbara Grove Granddaughter 5 APR 1829 22 SEP 1907
Great grandchildren
Amelia Shaeffer Great granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Bertha J Bender Second granddaughter 27 Dec 1868 26 Feb 1878
Rosa R. Bender Second granddaughter 12 JAN 1877 Harrisburg, PA, United States 24 MAY 1935
Huldah Schaeffer Bender Second granddaughter Dillsburg, PA, United States 12 JAN 1891 Lancaster, PA, United States 5 JAN 1973
Third grandchildren
Margaret Amelia Rearick Third granddaughter Chambersburg, PA, United States 6 MAR 1919 Newville, PA 28 MAY 2004
John Harold Rearick Jr Third grandson 19 SEP 1923 Camp Hill, PA, USA 30 Jul 2015
Rosa (Rose) Ethel Rearick Third granddaughter Harrisburg, PA, United States 15 APR 1931 Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States 28 Apr 2016
Fourth grandchildren
Eleanor Mary Rearick
Debra Anne Tanguy
Nanci Christine Tanguy
John Harold Rearick III
Robert Douglas Tanguy
Barbara Rearick
Wallace Scott Tanguy
Fifth grandchildren
Stephanie Marie Caskey
Kevin Richard Caskey
Nicole Leigh Tanguy
Stacey Eileen Tanguy
Joelle Erin Tanguy
Jarid Kyle Tanguy
Peter Shaeffer Grandson-in-law 16 SEP 1825 9 MAY 1901
Great grandchildren-in-law
Michael Bender Great grandson-in-law Franklin Township, PA 1845 Dillsburg, PA, United States 1906
Second grandchildren-in-law
Jeremiah (Jerre) J. Klugh Second grandson-in-law 1869 1933
John Harold Rearick Sr Second grandson-in-law 29 MAY 1891 2 SEP 1957
Third grandchildren-in-law
Reverend Robert Wilson Tanguy Third grandson-in-law Greenville, PA, United States 5 DEC 1926 Quarryville, PA, United States 29 Aug 2010
Mary Eleanor Keim Third granddaughter-in-law Reading, PA, United States 12 JUN 1929 York, PA, United States 9 DEC 2008
Fourth grandchildren-in-law
John R. Brown Fourth grandson-in-law 1995
William J. Martz Fourth grandson-in-law 9 Feb 1950 Harrisburg, PA, United States 14 Dec 2009
Lynne Ann Voegele
Richard Lee Caskey
John (Jack) Frederick Herlocker Jr.
Jeanette Kay Reinhart
Fifth grandchildren-in-law
John Gerzema
Janice Hornberger


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