Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Julie Lihota

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Kenneth Morrison

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 30 SEP 1989 Chicago, IL, United States

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Kenneth Morrison
Carol Houston Herlocker Mother-in-law Chicago, IL, United States 2 JUL 1924 LaGrange Park, IL, USA 22 Apr 2012
Alan Lee Morrison Father-in-law Rockford, IL 8 JAN 1925 13 MAR 2005
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Ann Morrison
Peter Morrison
Nephews & Nieces
Carolyn Riggs Niece-in-law
Jamie Morrison Niece-in-law
Michael Morrison Nephew-in-law
Susan Riggs Niece-in-law
William Riggs Nephew-in-law
Harwood Oxley Herlocker Grandfather-in-law Freeport, IL, United States 6 AUG 1897 Chicago, IL, United States 5 AUG 1970
Sarah Elizabeth Houston Grandmother-in-law Carthage, IL, United States 13 DEC 1898
Great grandparents-in-law
William Bair Herlocker Great grandfather-in-law Madisonburg, PA, United States 8 SEP 1857 Winchester, IN, United States 19 MAR 1948
Alice Cora Oxley Great grandmother-in-law Florence Station, IL 6 APR 1861 Freeport, IL, United States 30 MAR 1917
Second great grandparents-in-law
Charles Oxley Second great grandfather-in-law
Maria Oxley Second great grandmother-in-law
Henry Herlacher Second great grandfather-in-law New Berlin, PA, United States 26 FEB 1833 Freeport, IL, United States 1915
Elizabeth Bair Second great grandmother-in-law Madisonburg, PA, United States 26 JAN 1838 Madisonburg, PA, United States 24 SEP 1860
Third great grandparents-in-law
Anna Barbara Schreyer Third great grandmother-in-law 11 DEC 1893
Daniel Horlacher III Third great grandfather-in-law Salisbury Township, Northampton County, PA 7 JAN 1801 24 JUN 1873
William Bair Third great grandfather-in-law Rebersburg, Pa 6 JAN 1810 27 AUG 1851
Sarah Raudabach Third great grandmother-in-law 1815 29 NOV 1894
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Magdalena (Horlacher) Fourth great grandmother-in-law
Daniel Hörlacher II Fourth great grandfather-in-law Upper Saucon Township, Northampton County, PA, United States 1774
George Bear (Baer) (Bair) Fourth great grandfather-in-law 26 FEB 1778 Rebersburg, Pa 31 DEC 1858
Elizabeth Krape Fourth great grandmother-in-law 12 JUN 1778 10 DEC 1832
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
Daniel Hörlacher Fifth great grandfather-in-law Upper Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, PA 4 AUG 1735 Upper Saucon Township, Northampton County, PA, United States 24 SEP 1804
Maria Margaretha Brunner Fifth great grandmother-in-law Pennsylvania 4 JAN 1741 Northampton County, PA, United States 2 APR 1806
Anna Marie Beistein Fifth great grandmother-in-law Germany 22 JUN 1749 20 MAY 1825
Johannes Bear , (Baer) Fifth great grandfather-in-law Lancaster County, PA, United States 27 SEP 1749 1 NOV 1789
William Krape Fifth great grandfather-in-law 1751 1833
Catherine (Krape) Fifth great grandmother-in-law 24 AUG 1751 12 AUG 1833
6th great grandparents-in-law
Barabara Schelman 6th great grandmother-in-law
Jacob Baer 6th great grandfather-in-law
Maria Veronica (Hörlacher) 6th great grandmother-in-law ABT 1700 2 APR 1806
Hans Michael Horlacher 6th great grandfather-in-law Soellbot, Jagstkreis, Wurttemburg, Germany 7 FEB 1706 AFT 1762
Heinrich Brunner 6th great grandfather-in-law Saxony, Germany 12 SEP 1712
Anna Maria (Brunner) 6th great grandmother-in-law Germany 1716 10 FEB 1752
7th great grandparents-in-law
John Jacob Brunner 7th great grandfather-in-law
Eva Barbara (Horlacher) 7th great grandmother-in-law Aspach, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg, Germany APR 1675 BEF 7 NOV 1742
Hans Georg Horlacher 7th great grandfather-in-law BEF 1 DEC 1676 BEF 14 SEP 1740
8th great grandparents-in-law
Anna Steffan 8th great grandmother-in-law Tuengental, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg, Germany 2 FEB 1643 Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany BEF 29 DEC 1691
Hans Horlacher 8th great grandfather-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany BEF NOV 1644 Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany 6 NOV 1698
9th great grandparents-in-law
Hans Horlacher 9th great grandfather-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany 1608 Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany 17 DEC 1661
Margareta Laidig 9th great grandmother-in-law Hoerlebach, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg, Germany ABT 1615
10th great grandparents-in-law
Thomas Horlacher 10th great grandfather-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany ABT 1583 Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany 8 NOV 1640
Margareta (Horlacher) 10th great grandmother-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany ABT 1586 Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany
11th great grandparents-in-law
Andreas Horlacher 11th great grandfather-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Baden-Württemburg, Germany ABT 1556
(Mrs. Andreas) (Horlacher) 11th great grandmother-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg ABT 1560
12th great grandparents-in-law
Michel Horlacher 12th great grandfather-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg ABT 1511
(Mrs. Michael) (Horlacher) 12th great grandmother-in-law Jagstrot, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemburg ABT 1515


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