Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Margaretha (Horlacher)

Person Chart

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Johann Peter Hörlacher Partner or husband Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, PA 25 OCT 1742 1815
Fronica Horlacher Daughter
Margaret Horlacher Daughter
Johannes George Horlacher Son 8 AUG 1768 24 SEP 1837
Christian Horlocker Son Upper Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, PA ABT 1769 New Albany, Franklin County, OH 15 JAN 1857
Eva Horlacher Daughter 9 FEB 1778 1865
Michael Horlacher Son 1799 1827
John Horlacher Grandson
Heinrich Horlocker Grandson 16 MAY 1797
Eva Horlocker Granddaughter Pennsylvania 12 DEC 1798
Elizabeth Horlocker Granddaughter Pennsylvania 1801 Pennsylvania 15 DEC 1819
Jacob Horlocker Grandson Pennsylvania 8 JUN 1803 Ohio 7 FEB 1828
Samuel Horlocker Grandson Fairfield County, OH 16 APR 1806 16 AUG 1892
Solomon Horlocker Grandson Fairfield County, OH 16 APR 1806 1826
Great grandchildren
Electa Horlocker Great granddaughter
Frank Herlocker Great grandson
Tudor Horlocker Great grandson Ohio Craw county, KS
Jane Horlocker Great granddaughter 1831 1836
Jacob Horlocker Great grandson 1833 1896
Christian Horlocker Great grandson 1835 13 FEB 1924
Mary Horlocker Great granddaughter 1837 13 FEB 1924
Caroline Horlocker Great granddaughter 22 SEP 1843 19 MAR 1844
Lorenzo D Herlocker Great grandson New Albany, Franklin County, OH 23 APR 1845 Farlington, KS 23 JUN 1916
Hulda Horlocker Great granddaughter 21 AUG 1847 19 MAR 1849
Cyrus Clifton Horlocker Great grandson 3 JUL 1857 16 NOV 1926
Ella Horlocker Great granddaughter 1858 31 DEC 1920
Ada Horlocker Great granddaughter 18 SEP 1860 13 FEB 1910
Second grandchildren
Dean Herlocker Second grandson
Earnest Herlocker Second grandson
Ed Herlocker Second grandson Craw county, KS Craw county, KS
Elmer Herlocker Second grandson Craw county, KS Craw county, KS
Fay Herlocker Second granddaughter
Ida Herlocker Second granddaughter Kansas Kansas
John Herlocker Second grandson Kansas Kansas
Lema Herlocker Second granddaughter
Third grandchildren
Eldon Herlocker Third grandson
Kermit Herlocker Third grandson
Ralph Herlocker Third grandson Craw county, KS
Volney Bass Third grandson Farlington, KS
Fourth grandchildren
Billy Joe Herlocker Fourth grandson
Daniel Herlocker Fourth grandson
Robert Lee Herlocker Fourth grandson
Sally Herlocker Fourth granddaughter
Thomas Charles Herlocker Fourth grandson
Fifth grandchildren
Matthew Thomas Herlocker Fifth grandson
Steven Herlocker Fifth grandson
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Barbara Wagner Daughter-in-law 1806/7
Mary Crist Daughter-in-law
Mary Myers Daughter-in-law
Great grandchildren-in-law
Elizabeth Cramer Great granddaughter-in-law Kansas 1906


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