Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Dennis Emmett

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Ralph Edger Emmett 26 OCT 1919 Ione Geraldine Mowry

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Richard Emmett Brother
Ronald Emmett Brother
Ralph Edger Emmett Father 26 OCT 1919 26 JUN 1997
Ione Geraldine Mowry
Adda Norine Slater Grandmother 16 FEB 1886 29 NOV 1971
Charles Augusta Mowry Grandfather 26 NOV 1886 14 OCT 1974
Great grandparents
Reuben Mowry Great grandfather 1848 1918
Fietta Beil Great grandmother 1853 1949
Jacob Slater Great grandfather 1863 1922
Clara Fisher Great grandmother 1866 1951
Uncles & Aunts
Ruth Mildred Mowry Aunt 1 SEP 1909 31 MAR 2000
Helen Edna Mowry Aunt 3 DEC 1912 29 OCT 2000
Charlotte Norine Mowry Aunt 28 OCT 1913
Catherine Clara Mowry Aunt 31 MAY 1914 5 DEC 1948
Dorothy Alberta Mowry
Great uncles & Great aunts
Blaine Mowry Great uncle
Celestia Mowry Great aunt
Claude Mowry Great uncle
Edna Mowry Great aunt
Harvey Mowry Great uncle
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Lawrence Clifford Wolber Uncle-in-law 29 AUG 1901 31 DEC 1947
Lewis Luther Fattman Uncle-in-law 8 NOV 1908 24 FEB 1982
Clifford Earl Stoyer Uncle-in-law 26 JAN 1910 8 APR 1994
Herbert Henry Pinch Uncle-in-law 18 JUL 1916 28 FEB 2001
Raymond Alvin Jayne Uncle-in-law 23 DEC 1917 9 DEC 1982
Carl Fattman First cousin (m)
Charles Stoyer First cousin (m)
Donald Jayne First cousin (m)
Duane Stoyer First cousin (m)
Judith Jayne First cousin (f)
Norma Fattman First cousin (f)
Robert Stoyer First cousin (m)
William Fattman First cousin (m)
Wilma Eileen Stoyer
Edith Fattman First cousin (f) 1939 1989
Ernie Wolber First cousin (m) 31 AUG 1939 1 OCT 2001
Lawrence Wolber
1st cousins once removed
Linda Marie Christman
Keith David Christman
Brian Michael Christman
1st cousins twice removed
Tracy Lynn Zuschlag
Juliet Adrianna Christman
Tina Marie Zuschlag
Jason Adam Christman
Scott Alan Christman
1st cousins 3 times removed
Aiden Matthew Mohr


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