Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Wendell Warner

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Mary Elizabeth Ryan 12 Feb 1913

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 1913

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Mary Elizabeth Ryan Wife Amboy, IL, United States 12 Feb 1913 Rockford, IL, United States 30 Jun 2011
John Franklin Ryan Father-in-law Tonica, IL, United States 1 FEB 1883 Spring Valley, IL, United States 7 AUG 1947
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Howard Chris Ryan Brother-in-law Tonica, IL, United States 17 Jun 1916 Peru, IL, United States 10 Dec 2008
Amos Cole Ryan Grandfather-in-law Egypt, NY, United States 14 MAY 1855 La Salle, IL, United States 25 MAY 1929
Mary E. Funk Grandmother-in-law Putnam County, IL 21 JAN 1856 Tonica, IL, United States 26 DEC 1891
Great grandparents-in-law
Joseph Funk Great grandfather-in-law
Margaret Great grandmother-in-law
John (Peter) Ryan Great grandfather-in-law County Limerick, Ireland 14 MAY 1833 Egypt, NY, United States 1867
Esther Jane Gillett Great grandmother-in-law Dansville, NY 10 AUG 1834 Tonica, IL, United States 5 DEC 1892
Second great grandparents-in-law
Bridget Kennealy Second great grandmother-in-law Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland Canada (?) ABT 1838
Barton Ezra Gillett Second great grandfather-in-law Dansville, NY 6 JAN 1800 10 AUG 1861
David Ryan Second great grandfather-in-law Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland ABT 1802 Perinton, NY 31 DEC 1882
Lydia Adams Davis Second great grandmother-in-law Dansville, NY 23 JUL 1803
Third great grandparents-in-law
Rhoda Gillet Third great grandmother-in-law
Israel Day Gillet Third great grandfather-in-law Sharon, CT, United States 1 JUL 1770
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Jonathan Gillet Fourth great grandfather-in-law Colchester, CT, United States ABT 1726 Sharon, CT, United States 31 DEC 1814
Tamar Day Fourth great grandmother-in-law 29 NOV 1727 Sharon, CT, United States 17 JUN 1807
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
Mary Wells Fifth great grandmother-in-law
Sarah Pellett Fifth great grandmother-in-law
Thomas Day Fifth great grandfather-in-law
Josiah Gillet Fifth great grandfather-in-law 24 NOV 1678 14 OCT 1742
6th great grandparents-in-law
Josiah Gillet 6th great grandfather-in-law Windsor, CT, United States 1650 29 OCT 1736
Joanna Tainter 6th great grandmother-in-law APR 1657
7th great grandparents-in-law
Mary Dolbiar 7th great grandmother-in-law Colyton, Devonshire, England 1607 5 JAN 1685
Jonathan Gillet 7th great grandfather-in-law ABT 1610 23 AUG 1677


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