Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Richard Bullock

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Thomas Bullock Esq. Alice Kingsmill


Partner Date of Birth Children
Elizabeth Ingraham 1630 Samuel Bullock

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1622
Marriage 4 AUG 1647 Rehobeth, MA
Death 22 JUN 1667

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Elizabeth Ingraham Wife 1630 7 JAN 1659
Samuel Bullock Son 19 AUG 1648 10 MAR 1717
Alice Kingsmill Mother
Thomas Bullock Esq. Father
Ebenezer Bullock Grandson 22 FEB 1676
Great grandchildren
Hulth Bullock Great grandson 1 APR 1706 3 FEB 1771
Second grandchildren
James Bullock Second grandson 17 DEC 1734 24 JUL 1802
Third grandchildren
Oliver Bullock Third grandson 1 OCT 1832
Fourth grandchildren
Joseph Titsdale Bullock Fourth grandson 18 FEB 1810 8 DEC 1870
Fifth grandchildren
Ransom Bullock Fifth grandson Tonica, IL, United States 6 MAY 1845 Tonica, IL, United States 10 DEC 1921
6th grandchildren
Mason Bullock 6th grandson 5 FEB 1869 6 SEP 1942
Alice Bullock 6th granddaughter 30 NOV 1871 3 MAR 1958
Katherine Bullock 6th granddaughter 11 JUL 1874 21 SEP 1935
Rutheford Bethia (Ruth) Bullock 6th granddaughter Tonica, IL, United States 7 NOV 1876 Tonica, IL, United States 20 SEP 1955
Susanne Bullock 6th granddaughter 24 APR 1879 27 APR 1953
James Bullock 6th grandson 5 JUN 1881 14 SEP 1954
Adah Bullock 6th granddaughter 7 MAY 1888 17 DEC 1959
7th grandchildren
Ada Hiltabrand 7th granddaughter
Alice Mudge 7th granddaughter
Charles Mudge 7th grandson
Claude Hiltabrand 7th grandson
Dick Mudge 7th grandson
Ellsworth Mudge 7th grandson
Gladys Hiltabrand 7th granddaughter
Glen Mudge 7th grandson
Herbert Mudge 7th grandson
Kent Mudge 7th grandson
Mariam Lowd 7th granddaughter
Max Mudge 7th grandson
Paul Mudge 7th grandson
Dorothy Hiltabrand 7th granddaughter Tonica, IL, United States 10 APR 1897 Chicago, IL, United States 6 AUG 1982
Donald Clarke Hiltabrand 7th grandson Tonica, IL, United States 13 Feb 1915 Tonica, IL, United States 16 Jan 1989
8th grandchildren
Carolyn Marie Hiltabrand 8th granddaughter
Donna Jean Hiltabrand 8th granddaughter
Gerald Loren (Tubby) Ryan 8th grandson Tonica, IL, United States 11 NOV 1917 Tonica, IL, United States AUG 1978
Maurice Kent Ryan 8th grandson La Salle, IL, United States 22 JUL 1919 Fairbury, IL APR 1986
Robert Max Ryan 8th grandson Tonica, IL, United States 25 OCT 1922 Tonica, IL, United States JUN 1982
Irene Ryan 8th granddaughter Tonica, IL, United States 7 JUL 1927 Belvidere, IL 2 DEC 2007
Donald Wayne (Butch) Ryan 8th grandson Tonica, IL, United States 4 JUN 1931 Libertyville, IL 1 JAN 1988
Mary Belle Ryan
Ruth Ann Hiltabrand
9th grandchildren
Dixie Dale Ryan
Curtis Michael Ryan 9th grandson Spring Valley, LaSalle, IL 3 JUL 1946 15 Dec 2014
Robert Patrick Ryan
Karen Ann Ryan
Timothy Ryan McMahon
Oliver Kim Ryan
Kathleen Suzanne Ryan
Terrance Joseph Ryan 9th grandson Spring Valley, IL, United States 26 DEC 1953 Murphysboro, IL APR 1976
Rebecca Irma Ryan
Thomas Mark McMahon
Christine Lee Ryan 9th granddaughter Spring Valley, IL, United States 24 JUN 1955 Feb 2008
Tod Kent Ryan
John (Jack) Frederick Herlocker Jr.
Michael Steven Ryan
Patricia Ann Ryan
Julia Ann (Julie) Herlocker
Michael Donald Ryan
Peggy Maxine Ryan
Mark Christopher Ryan 9th grandson 21 JAN 1963 23 Jan 2011
Matthew Patrick Ryan
Angela Michele Baldwin
Donald Richard Baldwin
Martin Quinn Ryan
Robert Michael Baldwin
Shannon Ryan
Kasey Ryan
10th grandchildren
Kevin Ryan 10th grandson
Kristen Ryan 10th granddaughter
Harry Patrick Fleming Jr.
Gerald Michael Fleming
John Richard Fleming
Vickie Lynn Fleming
Angela Kay Harms
Casey Erika Bengtsen
John Ryan Harms
Alistair Ross
Ryan Thomas McMahon
Cory Nicolas Bengtsen
Shannon Marie Ryan
Rebecca Harms
Emily Grace McMahon
Paige Caitlin Bengtsen
Shawn Cole Ryan
Erin Kelly Ryan
Sean Patrick Ryan
Ellen Ruth McMahon
Kelsi Shea Ryan
Hailey Ryan Burkhardt
Jackson James Burkhardt
Emily Ruth Baldwin
Robert Michael Baldwin Jr.
11th grandchildren
Kristin Nicole Fleming
Harry Patrick Fleming III
Joshua Donal Yacko
Emily Ryan Yacko
Ainsley Kayann Kratochvil
Ashlyn Pearl Kratochvil
Carter John Harms
Addison Michele Harms
Gilbert Bullock Grandfather
Margaret Morris Grandmother
Great grandparents
Eleanor (Bullock) Great grandmother
Robert Bullock Great grandfather
Second great grandparents
Alice Yerding Second great grandmother
Thomas Bullock Second great grandfather
Third great grandparents
Robert Bullock Third great grandfather 1405
Fourth great grandparents
Gilbert Bullock Fourth great grandfather
Fifth great grandparents
Robert Bullock Fifth great grandfather
6th great grandparents
Gilbert Bullock 6th great grandfather ABT 1230
7th great grandparents
Richard Bullock 7th great grandfather
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Thankful House Daughter-in-law
Sarah Moultron Granddaughter-in-law
Fourth grandchildren-in-law
Catherine Galloway Fourth granddaughter-in-law 14 APR 1809 1 OCT 1889
Fifth grandchildren-in-law
Ada L. Ellsworth Fifth granddaughter-in-law Tonica, IL, United States 28 JAN 1847 Tonica, IL, United States 19 JUL 1921
6th grandchildren-in-law
Swart 6th grandson-in-law
Franklin Hiltabrand 6th grandson-in-law 19 SEP 1873 Tonica, IL, United States 29 MAR 1953
7th grandchildren-in-law
Fern Mann 7th granddaughter-in-law
Oliver (Hub) Hubard Ryan 7th grandson-in-law Tonica, IL, United States 25 JAN 1896 Tonica, IL, United States 2 APR 1969
8th grandchildren-in-law
Eileen Murphy 8th granddaughter-in-law
Kristine Niklinski 8th granddaughter-in-law
Richard Baldwin 8th grandson-in-law
Irma Alice Hawley 8th granddaughter-in-law 17 MAY 1918 2 JUN 1977
Erline Zipse Leming 8th granddaughter-in-law 9 DEC 1920 Fairbury, IL 6 FEB 2002
Doris Fern Rittenhouse
James Charles McMahon
John (J. Fred) Frederick Herlocker
9th grandchildren-in-law
Arlene Marjorie Ross 9th granddaughter-in-law
Harry Patrick Fleming 9th grandson-in-law
Linda Kay Donner 9th granddaughter-in-law
Patricia Anne Reid 9th granddaughter-in-law
Paul Bengtsen 9th grandson-in-law
Susan M. Bartley 9th granddaughter-in-law
Norman Harms
Mark Allen Elston
Anne Wilcox
Debra Anne Tanguy
Nancy Lamont
Michael Christian Burkhardt
10th grandchildren-in-law
Eric Yacko
Phil Kratochvil
Breanne Michelle Nelson
Kent Casson
11th grandchildren-in-law
Cain Thomas Damron 11th grandson-in-law


Date Age Event Category
Feb 15, 1564 - Jan 8, 1642 (-58.4) - 19.5 Life of Galileo Galilei Personalities
1618 - 1648 (-4.0) - 26.0 Thirty Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts
1623 1.0 Start of construction of Versailles Palace Monuments
1626 4.0 French settlement in Senegal Discoveries & Colonization
Dec 25, 1642 - Mar 20, 1726 20.5 - 103.7 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
Nov 7, 1665 43.3 First issue of the London Gazette Companies
May 2, 1666 - Sep 5, 1666 43.8 - 44.2 Great Fire of London Great Britain