Herlocker (et al) Family Tree

Lori R. Reinhart

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Glenn E. Reinhart Cheri Herr

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Jeremy Reinhart Brother
Marsha D. Reinhart
Mandy J. Reinhart
Cheri Herr Mother
Glenn E. Reinhart
Mildred E. Groff Grandmother 26 AUG 1932 19 MAR 1976
George Herman Reinhart Grandfather Bart Township, PA, United States 12 NOV 1932 Mount Joy, PA, United States 24 Jan 2010
Great grandparents
Forest Hastings Reinhart Great grandfather Colerian Township, PA 13 NOV 1902 Lancaster, PA, United States 22 FEB 1981
Ida May Rice Great grandmother Smyrna, PA 5 APR 1905 Elizabethtown, PA 11 MAR 2000
Second great grandparents
William Milton Reinhart Second great grandfather 7 DEC 1874 3 FEB 1937
Walter Martin Rice Second great grandfather 23 MAY 1875 16 JUN 1956
Hannah Amanda Hastings Second great grandmother 27 NOV 1880 1 AUG 1973
Bertha Emma Ray Second great grandmother 15 APR 1882 9 FEB 1929
Third great grandparents
Fannie L. Edwards Third great grandmother 1842 1925
Jacob H. Rice Third great grandfather 17 SEP 1842 1891
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Scott Welsh Brother-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
Rayona Lynn Welsh
Uncles & Aunts
Patricia A. Reinhart
Kenneth G. Reinhart
Bobbi J. Reinhart
Great uncles & Great aunts
Irene Reinhart Great aunt 1924 AUG 1985
Park A Reinhart
Paul J Reinhart Great uncle Bartville, PA 27 MAY 1926 Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA, United States 12/27/2017
Donald F Reinhart Great uncle 25 MAR 1929 1 JAN 1990
Forrest Hastings Reinhart Jr
William Gerald Reinhart
Lois Faye Reinhart Great aunt 25 SEP 1940 NOV 1992
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Eugene M. Rice Great great uncle 3 SEP 1906 7 AUG 1983
Harriet L. Rice Great great aunt 13 SEP 1908 18 SEP 1982
Marian R. Rice Great great aunt 5 FEB 1910
Marvin W. Rice Great great uncle 21 JAN 1912
Grace I. Rice Great great aunt 23 OCT 1913
Raymond Rice Great great uncle 11 OCT 1915 5 DEC 1931
Harry J. Rice Great great uncle 7 SEP 1917 15 OCT 1974
Blanche J. Rice
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Sandra Lefever
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
R. Guy Wanner
Herr Pauline V.
Kay Marie Rice
Charles J. Lefever
Janet Yvonne Hassel Great aunt-in-law 13 APR 1937 16 AUG 1961
Shirley Brown Great aunt-in-law 16 JUN 1943 28 MAR 1988
Dale W. Reinhart
Jason F. Reinhart
Second cousins
Mark D. Asper
Scott D. Asper
Amy L. Reinhart
Keith D. Reinhart
Nathan S. Wanner
Rebecca E. Mull
Beverly C. Wanner
Brian K. Mull
Jenifer C. Mansh
Tyler J. Kauffman Second cousin (m) 12 MAY 1984 11 JUL 1988
Jeremy R. Kauffman
Jesse Douts
Christopher J Reinhart
James W. Reinhart Jr.
Trevor W. Kauffman
Matthew D. Mansh
Mellisa A. Mansh
Marisa E. Kauffman
Joelle Erin Tanguy
Alexander Q. Kauffman
Jarid Kyle Tanguy
Kara P. Kauffman
1st cousins once removed up
Karen A. Reinhart 1st cousin once removed up (f) 8 MAY 1945 1986
Larry D. Reinhart
Robert K. Wanner
Sheila M. Reinhart
Michael Paul Reinhart
Beth Ann Reinhart
John E. Wanner
Rochelle S. Lefever
Curtis Earl Reinhart 1st cousin once removed up (m) Lancaster County, PA, United States 21 MAY 1958 Lancaster County, PA, United States 24 MAY 1958
Lois E. Wanner
Jeanette Kay Reinhart
Charles R. Lefever
Cynthia Sue Lefever
Wendy S. Reinhart
James W. Reinhart
Edwin A. Reinhart
John Lee Reinhart
Susan Lynn Reinhart
2nd cousins once removed
Derek J. Potts 2nd cousin once removed (m) 7 JUL 1997 7 JUL 1997
Emily L. Potts 2nd cousin once removed (f) 13 JUL 1997 13 JUL 1997
Alexa K. Potts
Karly G. Potts


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