Regarding Information

If you have additional information which you would like me to add to this site, I would be happy to receive it, so long as you understand a few things:

  • There must be a connection to someone already listed, either a new son/daughter/spouse/parent or new information such as birthplace.

  • If your data conflicts with my data, I get to pick the winner (hey, it's my website!).

  • Getting the information in electronic format (there’s a form here you can fill out, or just email me) will make me happy. Getting it in GEDCOM format will make me very happy. 

I can't make any promises on when I can add the new information.

If you want to drop me a note to say hello, that's fine. If you have questions, that's okay; I enjoy hearing from my distant cousins.

I’m usually rather disdainful of websites that have bunches of legal disclaimers — like, who ever reads that stuff? And is it really necessary?

Amazing how one little email threatening legal action changes one’s world view...

Anyway, to deter future flame mails, here are additional rules for sending me information (beyond the ones listed above):

  • If you send genealogical information to a guy who publishes a genealogical website, don’t get torqued at him when he publishes it. (Actually, this probably a good rule of thumb for any genealogical website.) 

  • I’m sure you put a lot of time and effort into researching the stuff you sent me. Nevertheless, I currently have 207 sources of information (and growing), and not everybody gets their name listed on the home page. I used to publish the full source list, but it was the complete source list, which meant it had emails, etc., and one of my sources asked (quite nicely) if I could not do that with her personal information. So now all sources are obfuscated. Its just safer.
  • If I use your information in a way you don’t like, don’t threaten your lawyer on me — I’ll be happy to remove it.

  • If you want me to remove it, don’t just say, “Take my stuff off your site,” or “Take my family off your site.” I’m sorry, who are you again? Give me a name, or a link, or a page shot, or the date you emailed me, or something.
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